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How to install HPC008 overhead people counter-camera people counting

How to install HPC008 overhead people counter-camera people counting

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Hpc008 camera people counter is based on a sensor mounted on the entrance ceiling to detect people in or out accordingly.

Camera and processor are all in one system.

There are three signal lights on the surface, network light, working light and counting light.


First, please fix the base on the ceiling, then fix the counter with base.

Please note the direction, the side with the three lights is in the entrance inside.

Power on the counter, then working light will be flash after 2-3 minutes,

when the network light and working light both flash, installation is successful.


We also supply POE equipment, POE means power over Ethernet, use one internet cable to realize power on and connect internet, so you don’t need charger any more, very easy and convenient to use.



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