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How to protect milk cans - EAS milk can safer

How to protect milk cans - EAS milk can safer

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Milk can safer is a very strong security for milk can. Different designs for different size milk can. 

1. Package clamp tag


2. Bottle tag with lanyard

This tag is economical and easy for display, so it is the most popular one. All the bottle tags can be used to protect milk cans. Just make sure the lanyard length is customized.


3. Milk can safer

This kind of safer can prevent the thief to take the milk can off from the top. So more stronger anti-theft way. Milk can safer for 400g and 900g is available. 

This is the new design, which can be attached at the bottom of milk can. It is good for display. One-time used milk can safer for both 400g and 900g is also available.


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